The book series of the Center of Excellence for Technology Education appears once or twice a year.
It should serve as a publication forum for scientists from CETE. Further it is also intended to be used for outstanding theses, as well as a summary report of international congresses of CETE aligns to questions of a Technology Education.
The publications of CETE serve the still young field of Technology Education as an additional form of publication and thereby complements the previously few expert forums.


The first book of CETE is available.

Technology Education Today – International Perspectives

M.J. De Vries; S. Fletcher; S. Kruse; P. Labudde; M. Lang; I. Mammes; C. Max; D. Münk; B. Nicholl; J. Strobel & M. Winterbottom


Intention/ Summary:
In a technology-oriented world, technology literacy for everyone is essential. Especially for a technological-responsible society. It will be developed by technological socialization; educating not only competencies but also a positive technological self-concept, which is a predictor for technology activities. It developes by actively dealing with technology. A lack of experience may lead to the idea of having poor skills and inapt qualities for the exposure to technology. As a result, interactions will be avoided. To antagonize, technology is taught in different countries in various ways. Even some are starting at primary schools and others are starting at middle school age. Thus, the aim of this publication is to summarize different possibilities of implementations in different countries.

Scientists with high reputation from all over the world are invited to describe the state of technology education in their country (e.g. Australia, Germany, Kanada, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Russia, Switzerland, Ukraine, United Kingdom, USA).