The programme lines of CETE

In the framework of CETE different programme lines are followed during the project term from march 2015 until december 2018 in order to reach the objectives. In addition to the fundamental strengthening of the communication and collaboration of different research establishments in the field of engineering education especially the following, concrete programme items shall be put into practice in an international cooperation:

  • research projects shall be recruited together
  • research and study visits for professors, university lecturers, graduates, postgraduates and post-docs shall be enabled
  • joint workshops and “Summer Schools” shall be executed in order to promote academic offspring
  • at least bi-national graduations should be offered
  • an editorship on the topic of international engineering education shall be published once or twice per year

Detailed information, programme announcements and dates for the individual programme items can be found at Events and Projects. The editorship will be introduced in greater depth in the category Publications.