Welcome speech from Prof. Dr. Mammes

The CETE-Network offers a large variety of informational and educational events. In addition to regular meetings of CETE members, workshops and summer schools are offered for young scientists, students, apprentices and teaching staff. Anyone who is interested in topics such as digital media, early engineering education in primary schools, engineering education in secondary schools and in vocational schools or STEM education, is welcome to join.

The practical training and educational events are an excellent opportunity to be jointly informed about recent developments and the latest innovations through the CETE-Network. Additionally, there are multidisciplinary exchanges and international contacting in between specialists from the field of engineering, educational sciences and representatives from the economy in order to establish a connection between research and application throughout all institutional levels of education. Especially the cooperation of different countries provides us with a large spectrum of internationally compiled materials and methods for engineering education, as well as many years of research experience and leads to a mutual learning process.

Become a part of the international network which focuses on the training of STEM subjects and the increased importance of (early) engineering education.

Have we made you curious? Contact us. We are happy to answer any further questions.

In the following we will introduce the annual informational and educational events of the CETE-Network. These events will be particularly highlighted in the calendar on the homepage.

Summer Schools

The annually held summer school in the framework of the CETE network primarily focuses on a multidisciplinary education and training of young scientists and students. The 4 day event offers specialist lectures of renowned scientists in the field of engineering education (primary and secondary school, vocational education), of informational technological education and STEM education. Furthermore, the attendants are provided with a forum for reflecting, discussing and presenting their own research projects through roundtables and poster sessions.

The first summer school took place in August 2016.

The second one followed in June 2018.

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Workshops are directed to teaching staff and students who develop work material and implementation possibilities for STEM subjects and want to use these in their classes. Herefore, the multidisciplinary knowledge from the CETE network’s research projects are presented by speakers within three to five workshops and afterwards exemplarily illustrated on the basis of working materials. Hereby questions and remarks, as well as discussions on the topic are welcome. All in all a limited number of 20 participants per workshop is planned in order to be able to pick up and discuss individual questions and interests.

The workshops took place in July 2017. 

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Due to the international cooperation of the CETE network members, annual meetings for a joint multidisciplinary exchange and the presentation of new developments are taking place.

The KickOff conference in June 2015 helped with welcoming the members and exchanging as well as planning visions, strategies, developments and aims of the CETE network. First project ideas and scientific exchange projects have come to life. Please find some impressions of the meeting here.

The annual Strategy Meetings of the CETE-Network take place at the University of Duisburg-Essen. The Members of the Center of Excellence for Technology Education come from all over the world to review the last year of projects and to organise the up turning one. The members are being informed about the latest outcomes around this project in plenty of talks und many questions are discussed and answered.

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